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Creating New Value for LIFE


Since the establishment in 1940, Sanko Chemical CO., LTD. has been refining core technologies such as flocking, functional material processing and interior material processing. We cover a wide area, including construction, housing, interior, electronic parts, medical supplies, household goods, and environmental business. However, there is no end to our pursuit of innovation. We will continue to challenge the high value-added products needed for the new era.




For the flocking process, we adopt the "down method" utilizing the force of static electricity. This is a mechanism that creates an electric field by the high voltage generator and plants the short fiber on the adhesive coated sheet by electrostatic suction. We support two kinds of processing, "full flocking" which applies flocking to the entire sheet, and "printed flocking" which plants the short fiber in a pattern using a printing machine in combination.

Sheet material Fabric · Paper · Synthetic Leather · Non-woven Fabric · Film etc.
Short fiber material Rayon · Polyester · Nylon · Cotton etc
Use Decorative goods , Interior products, Abrasive material, Sound absorbing material

Functional Processing

We have created a wide variety of functional materials that respond to the needs of customers based on unique technologies and know-how that we have cultivated since our foundation.

Examples of Functional material

  • Activated carbon sheet

    Filter, Insole of shoes

  • Polishing sheet

    Glass, Connector

  • Dot sheet


  • Antibacterial sheet

    Filter, Mask

  • Slip-off sheet

    Construction, Housing


Interior material

Since 1951, we have a track record of wallpaper processing over 60 years. We are producing diatomite wall paper, Washi (Japanese traditional paper) wallpaper, flocked wallpaper. These wallpapers are compatible with functionality and aesthetics. We have responded to advanced needs as a partner of a major interior trading company. In the manufacturing process, we are acquiring JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and striving to reduce the environmental burden by using water based paints.

Examples of Wallpapers

  • Diatomite Wallpaper

    absorbing humidity by diatomite earth

  • Washi Wallpaper

    traditional Japanese design with stain guard

  • Flocked Wallpaper

    raising pattern on the surface with velvet-like feel

Production Facilities

  • Flocking Machine
  • Knife Coater
  • Gravure Coater
  • Roll Coater
  • Laminator
  • Dipping Machine
  • Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate name Sanko Chemical Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 1018 Kurono, Ohno-cho, Ibi-gun, Gifu, 501-0521, JAPAN
TEL:0585-32-1535 / FAX:0585-34-3305
Founded June, 1952
President Shinzo Tokoro


1940 Started producing the chemical products for dyeing
1951 Head office and factory relocated to current site and started producing the flocking sheets
1952 Re-established as Sanko Chemical CO., LTD.
1956 Started producing wallpaper
1971 Started export of flocked products
1976 Started export of wallpaper
1987 Started producing functional sheets
1991 Started producing polishing sheets
2008 Acquired New JIS(wallpaper)
2015 Expanded N-Plant for construction materials

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